November 1, 2014
v7release-5We're very proud to announce the release of version 7.1 of our DELFTship software suite. This major release features a completely restyled user interface with scenic ribbons, hardware accelerated rendering as well as many other new features and improvements.

Before updating your software, please make sure your hardware meets the system requirements.

A short summary of the most significant new features and improvements in version 7.1 of our DELFTship hull modeler:

v7release-1User interface

New scenic ribbons have been added throughout DELFTship for a more intuitive user interface. These ribbons are designed to adjust to the size of the screen so that all features are accessible regardless of screens size. Support for multiple monitors has also been added.

v7release-63D hardware acceleration

All 3D viewports are rewritten to use OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering. This results in a much higher frame rate and smoother experience. In addition selection and manipulation of geometry is available in shaded views, and control points can be moved freely in 3D in all views, including the perspective view. Optionally moving control points can be restricted to either a plane or one of the 3 coordinated axes.

v7release-2Extra template models

From the very first version of DELFTship, whenever a new project was started, a default yacht was created as a starting point. The free edition is extended with a template for a blank project and a planing hull. To the professional edition two additional templates have been added, a fishing vessel and a multi purpose ship. For the multi purpose different shapes for stern or bow can be selected. For all included templates the desired number of control points aft and fore can be specified separately.

v7release-3Linesplan window
The linesplan window has been completely rewritten and 3 additional layouts were added to the already available default layout. The lighting algorithm has been improved to show brighter surfaces and more vivid colors. The DXF reader/writer has been upgraded to include spline geometry. DXF files generated with the new version are now compatible with Autocad 2013.
Background images

In version 7 background images are managed from a dedicated window, and the restriction of maximum 3 background images has been removed. The background images are rendered in 3D and can be edited and moved or scaled with the mouse within their projection plane.