StylesWe're proud to announce the release of DELFTship version 5. Now equipped with modern ribbon menus, various visual user interface styles, native PDF reporting and available as 32 and 64 bit version this new release is a significant step forward.

New features:

  • Completely new interface with ribbon menus
  • Different visual styles
  • Now available in 32 and 64 bit version
  • Direct and native saving of all reports to PDF
  • New extension released for the calculation of floodable length curves
  • The prismatic coefficient is included in the real time visualization of hydrostatics properties
  • The angle of diagonals can be modified to values other than 45 degrees
  • Import a custom jpg image to be used as environment map
  • Import of AYacht Gen(4) .REP files (only in the professional version)


  • All fixed floating point numbers now have double accuracy
  • This means that the file size also increases slightly
  • Faster hyperthreading in damage stability calculations
  • Faster selecting of multiple surface geometry items (faces/points/edges)
  • Faster deletion of surface geometry
  • Draught marks are extened with an additional property that reflects the height above keel of the draught mark to account for ships with design trim