Cross curvesThe cross curves of stability provide a means of presenting stability for a wide range of displacements, heeling angles and an initial trim, not only in still water but also in waves. Since the location of the center of gravity varies with the loading of the ship, it is not practical to calculate the actual righting arm for all conditions of loading. Instead it is assumed that the center of gravity is zero and coincides with the keel. The resulting value is called KN*sin(Ø).

When used in combination with the critical points extension at the end of the report an overview is shown of all downflooding points showing for each heeling angle:

  • The displacement at which downflooding occurs.
  • The name of the critical point that is responsible for the downflooding.
Crosscurves can be calculated to either side of the ship for a range of displacements, trims and heeling angles.