Max VCGThe max allowable VCG' extension examines each individual criterion from the selected set of stability criteria. The maximum vertical center of gravity for each criterion is calculated for which the criterion still complies. The criterion with the lowest value for the VCG is the limiting criterion for the entire set and the corresponding value is called the limiting/max VCG. This value can be calculated for a range of drafts, trims and wind silhouettes. For each combination the stability curve is generated and the criteria evaluated. The report shows a graphical representation of the calculations, called limiting VCG' curves, as well as the tabulated numerical results. The tables contain the following output:
  • Max. allowable VCG for each criterion
  • Max. allowable VCG for the entire set
  • The GM value corresponding to the max. VCG for the entire set.
Criteria which are insensitive to the height of VCG are automatically excluded from the calculation.