With the release of version 7 we have also released a brand new extension to publish stability documents. The preparation of stability booklets can take quite some time and for most vessels it has to be done multiple times during the design cycle. Using our new document publisher this task has now been fully automated.
Document tree

Most of the time spent when manually preparing intact and damage stability manuals goes into assembling the output of the stability software, and then importing the output into a text editor where titles are added or the formatting is changed. This process can easily take a day or more for each new release of a document, time which is much better spent on the design process itself.

With the new publishing extension this tedious task is fully automated. Automated document publishing not only is a huge time saver, it also ensures that all the information provided in the document is absolutely consistent and up to date, as everything is extracted directly from the DELFTship model.

Using the document publisher you can create multiple documents, for example for intact stability, damage stability or tank sounding booklets. All that is needed to setup a new document is to add the desired chapters and to adjust the settings. The order and title of chapters can be customized and are stored in the project file. Every time a new update of the document is required all you need to do is to press the publish button and the document is created on the fly within a few minutes.

publisher-screenshotThree included default styles and a user customizable front page and logo allow for a different look and feel of the document which can be published directly to a PDF document, ready for submission. In addition to the output of calculations it is also possible to add static text such as notes to the master for example, or instructions on how to operate a ship. Using the built in text editor this can easily be accomplished.