Inclined hydrostaticsThis visualization tool can show the design in any condition including critical points so key events, like for example the deck immersion angle or downflooding angle can easily be visualized.
The inclined hydrostatics extension offers the designer a view on the hull under trim and heel. After specifying a displacement, heeling angle and trim this module calculates the corresponding draft and some additional relevant hydrostatic properties.

If purchased in combination with the load cases extension it will also perform automatic balancing for a given combination of displacement and overall center of gravity of the loaded vessel.
Another useful application is found in the area of yacht design, where for performance reasons it is important to keep the waterlines as symmetrical as possible when the boat is heeled.
Finally the extension can also be used to visualize the behaviour in static waves.


Features of the inclined hydrostatics extension include:

  • Automatic draft calculation for a specified displacement, trim and heeling angle.
  • Submerged surfaces shaded in a different color to highlight the displaced volume.
  • Highlighted waterline
  • Visualization of up to 25 equally spaced waterlines under heel.
  • Simultaneous visulalization of upright and heeled sectional area curves
  • 3D drawing of critical points
  • Save image of the displayed condition to a file
  • Visualization of the sectional area curve for the specified condition.
  • Animated view of the (static) behaviour of the ship in waves of any given length and height for both upright or inclined conditions. The animation can be saved to an animated gif file (see below)