intact stability-1The intact stability extension of DELFTship™ allows for an unlimited number of load cases. The visual approach to calculating load cases ensures maximum efficiency. Calculated load cases are drawn in 3D showing the resulting draft, trim and heeling angle. The results of the calculation are displayed in a customizable report that can also be exported to a HTML file for use in any word processor or spreadsheet.
  • Calculation of stability in waves
  • Create and maintain a user defined set of stability criteria or use the default IMO criteria incorporated in the program.
  • Add common weights or lightship weights to weightgroups in the weight list. Weightgroups can contain both weights and tanks and multiple lightship weightgroups are allowed.
  • Automatic calculation of lightship weight and center of gravity based on lightship items from the weightlist.
  • Assign different weight types to a load case, such as tanks with liquids, homogeneous cargo, point loads, liquid/solid spoil, sliding cargo etc.
  • Fill tanks by either specifying a weight or a filling percentage.
  • intact stability-2Input and output is sorted by weightgroups. The header of each weightgroup shows the subtotals for that particular group so the designer can instantly see the contents, free surface correction and other properties of a weightgroup. Each weightgroup can be collapsed/expanded in the input screen.
  • For a better visualization of the liquid contents of tanks when heeled, the tanks are rendered transparent while the fluids are rendered solid.
  • The ship including tank and contents is drawn in the equilibrium position after solving the load case. The waterline is highlighted and submerged surfaces are rendered in a different color.
  • Fully customizable HTML report output.
  • Create and assign wind silhouettes to a load case. The actual wind area and lateral area is automatically calculated from the equilibrium draft and trim.
  • Calculate wind moments for wind silhouettes. Basic wind silhouettes are automatically extracted from the hull shape and can easily be extended to represent very complex silhouettes.
  • Display of critical points in the 3D view.